7 Best Smelling Nautica Cologne 2021 New Collection

Nautica is an American clothing brand that is globally admired. It was established in 1983 by David Chu along with his partner. Nautica is known for its clothing line for men, women, and children, also home accessories, perfumes, wristwatches.

The best Nautica colognes were added to Nautica’s apparel line in 1992. This addition was the finest thing they could do to this world. These fragrances are beyond words. The unique oceanic themed scents they produce have surrounded the earth into its splendid aura.

Men’s colognes are supposed to lower the stress level while enhancing excitement. Considering this, the Nautica brand produces the best Nautica men’s cologne. The collection is themed on the aquatic lifestyle which gives crispy windy feels whenever applied.

Editor’s Choice: Top-Ranked Nautica Colognes For 2021

  • Nautica Voyage by Nautica For Men: Voyage by Nautica is the best choice for summertime. It gives off a chilled aroma that sucks up all the heat out of you. It offers a masculine fragrance that raises temperature among females. This is the reason, Nautica Voyage is deemed a magnetic perfume to attract women and that it goes on the top of our list.

Nautica voyage men’s cologne gives off cucumber and dewy aroma at the start. Then, settle with a green apple as a top note. This deadly composition is unmatchable. I don’t think there’s any other Nautica cologne for men that tops this one.

  • Nautica Blue for Men: Nautica Blue was launched in 2005. Maurice Roucel was the perfumer who brought this masterpiece into existence. It has a sporty aquatic aroma that takes you out on a sailing adventure. It is a very light fragrance that was meant for sunny days.

The fragrance that comes out at the start is peachy pineapple that is very relaxing making you fall in love with it at a single squirt. Then, it becomes aquatic musk with sandalwood notes to dry out. Nautica Blue is an amazing combination of all your favorite notes. You can blindly trust it as an exclusive scent that will never let down.

  • Nautica Classic for Men: Nautica Classic is a timeless scent. It exudes an erotic sturdiness that escorts you to a place where there is no hustle. A relaxing aroma makes your life better.

This stunning success is worth your investment. It is a refreshing scent.

More frequently, while compiling reviews, I have been asked a lot which Nautica cologne smells the best after the Voyage? I answer Nautica Classic and Blue. When they ask for a comparison, I tell them, I swear, I see both at the same level 一 extraordinary. I’m in love with both of them.

Buyer’s Guide: Fundamental Tips for Buying the Best Smelling Nautica Cologne

If you are investing your secured money then invest in the best products available. Life might give you lemons, you just need to protect yourself from the worst that can happen to you. Nevertheless, the biggest regret these days is to waste your hard-earned money on something worthless. These tips will help you choose better and never regret it.

Aluminum Free Cologne

Aluminum in the cologne can give you hideous rash and allergies. Moreover, it can cause skin cancer from where there is no coming back. Why risk your life when you know that you deserve better? Yes! Go for a better option, choose colognes that do not have aluminum in them. Save your life, save your future.

You can also check our guide I previously prepared about the best natural deodorant for sensitive skin. There, I explained thoroughly the dangerous effects of Aluminum and also cautiously advised to use deodorants without Aluminum.


The cologne that you are going to buy should not cost you a kidney or two. You should look for the cologne that you can buy and then eat well. Trust me! On an empty stomach everything feels awful, even the fragrance you are wearing no matter how amazing it is. So, there is no point to starve and smell good.

Nautica colognes are so unbelievably great for such low prices. No other cologne can compete with quality being this cheap. There is no better option I see when I have Nautica in hand.

The Masculinity of a Cologne

Showing off manliness is what a cologne does. A good cologne should have an instinct of attracting people towards it. Nautica, fortunately, produces colognes to attract females. A wide range of colognes with magnetic power is in the market for all the handsome people out there.

Strength of a Cologne

A strong cologne stays for a longer period. The strength of cologne has a direct impact on its longevity. The higher the concentration of perfume oil, the more will be the longevity.

Eau de Parfum contains almost 10-20% of perfume oil which’s why it is the strongest of its kind. Whereas Eau de Toilette comprises 5-15% of perfume oil. The stronger is better, you can choose the right perfume according to your preferences.


Always check if the product you are buying is original or fake. Today, where online shopping is the best option for buying, there are lots of fraudsters present to victimize innocent buyers. In such circumstances, we take pride in providing our customers well-sifted information and authentic products.

The original Nautica cologne will have an intact tag. If it is restitched, or has spelling mistakes, or is just suspicious to you then don’t buy it. Save yourself from being looted and keep your eyes and mind open while buying something with your precious money.

7 Leading Nautica Colognes to Smell Best: Detailed Review

All Nautica colognes are standouts. However, I have given below a thorough review of the 7 best Nautica fragrances for men. I discussed all the important features and occasions when you should wear these specified colognes.

Nautica Voyage by Nautica for Men

Nautica Voyage by Nautica for Men

The first impression of Voyage to my nose was the sweet green aroma along with crispy water fragrance. It smells a little less aquatic than other Nautica perfumes for men. Also, it gives off a warmth of amber and a woodsy fragrance at a dry out. This fragrance is perfectly soft and light to offer spring and summer vibes.

Voyage gives off a dominating musk that is clean and cool to make summer days more pleasant. Although towards the end of the application, it feels less aquatic and watery, yet freshness lasts.

  • Silage is pretty good
  • Longevity is 7 hours which is good enough for casual wear
  • Best choice for sunny days
  • Inexpensive
  • Not suitable for cold days

Pure Nautica Discovery Spray by Nautica for Men

Pure Nautica Discovery Spray by Nautica for Men

Pure Nautica discovery was launched in 2011. It is an orange tang. Not that fruity or very bitter, but you will find a perfect balance of orange citrus in it. At the base, it has a hint of ginger and sandalwood. Overall, the fragrance blows my mind with its awesomeness.

This Nautica perfume for him gives spring vibes and the feeling of long romantic nights. Hence, it is categorized to be the best romantic wear cologne.

  • Best for casual wear and workplace
  • Silage is soft
  • Lasts for more than 7 hours
  • An incredible and romantic fragrance
  • Affordable
  • None

Pure Nautica By Nautica for Men

Pure Nautica was released in 2010.  It gives a fragrance to cherish forever. It has an aromatic aquatic scent strong enough to excite people around you and soft enough not to feel pungent. This fragrance has a close resemblance to the odor of Dior Fahrenheit.

Pure Nautica offers a smooth aroma that feels oceanic at the beginning. It will make you its hardcore fan by revitalizing the fragrance while it settles down. This fragrance has mandarin as a top note and an apt blend of bergamot and sea notes as a base.

  • Perfect for daytime summer
  • Silage is good
  • Feels fresh even after 7 hours of use
  • The best option for boys in their teens
  • Poor projection

Nautica Island Voyage by Nautica for Men

Nautica Island Voyage by Nautica for Men

This pleasant piece of mastery was a discovery of Maurice Roucel. Launched in 2007, Nautica Island Voyage is a classy and effortless fragrance. The resplendent floral aroma includes a blend of iris and lavender to keep it on a male side of neutral. In contrast to it, jasmine gives it an erotic yet smooth aroma.

At a dry out, this incredible cologne gives off inoffensive and gorgeous musk of sandal and cedar that is not too generic. Melon, lemon, and bergamot as a top note are a cherry on the top.

  • Enormous silage
  • Can be used all year round, daily
  • Excellent projection
  • Cheap
  • Stays on you for 7-8 hours
  • None

Nautica Aqua Rush by Nautica for Men

Nautica Aqua Rush by Nautica for Men

Nautica Aqua Rush was released in 2012 by Harry Fremont. It is fairly the one cologne perfect for a workout and marathon. It gives a clean and refreshing watery feel.

The fragrance this cologne offers is best for summer when the sun beams brightly to suck up all your moisture. This cologne feels smooth and sophisticated.

Aqua Rush is a perfect choice for every age. It is a gender-neutral aroma. So, ladies, here I have something for you too; grab it before your husbands do. (You can also find the best ladies’ perfumes for women on our website, yet more is better, no?)

As for the top notes of this cologne, you will find a composition of seawater, yuzu, and coriander. Woodsy notes exist at its base while mint and violet leave at the middle, giving Aqua Rush a mind-boggling fragrance every time you use it.

  • Gender-neutral fragrance
  • Moderate silage
  • Best choice for a gift
  • Good projection
  • Ideal for summer
  • Poor longevity (approx. 4 hours

Nautica Classic by Nautica for Men

Nautica Classic by Nautica for Men

Nautica Classic is the perfect choice for the mariner hidden inside you, who is ever ready to go on an adventurous sail on an ocean vessel. It is a tangy yet smooth aroma of the sea. The masculine fragrance it offers comes with bergamot, heart rose, and sage as top notes and sandalwood as the base note.

Nautica Classes comes at the top among all the best smelling colognes for youngs. All the young people adore it for the zealous adventure it takes them on. Every youthful soul cannot stop loving this product. You can also check it in Nautica Classic cologne reviews.

  • Quantity is good for this price
  • Lasts for more than 7 hours
  • Silage is amazing
  • None

Nautica Blue by Nautica for Men

Nautica Blue by Nautica for Men

Nautica Blue is an inoffensive fragrance with oceanic notes, including pineapple, bergamot, and peach. Each time you apply this cologne, it gives a fresh fragrance that becomes woody as settling down.

For me, the unique scent of Nautica Blue gives a vibe of rain in the tropical areas of the southern hemisphere. Also, as most of you asked me to provide a Nautica Classic vs Blue comparison, I would say, it’s difficult. When compared to Nautica Classic, I cannot really rate one product 一 both are amazing. I feel it will be unfair to rate anyone lower than the other. Yet, their pros and cons might help you choose the better one.

  • Outstanding longevity
  • Moderate silage
  • Within your means
  • Good projection
  • Synthetic fragrance

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best-smelling Nautica cologne?

Nautica Voyage by Nautica for men is the best-smelling Nautica cologne according to a survey report.

Does Nautica cologne smell good?

Every man’s wardrobe craves the smell of Nautica colognes. These are the best-smelling colognes on market for such cheap rates. They give an aquatic ambiance and make the atmosphere refreshing and pleasing.

Which smells better, Nautica blue or voyage?

Nautica Voyage smells better than Nautica Blue.

What cologne smells like a Nautica competition?

Azzaro Chrome can give Nautica a tough competition because it gives off a sharp aquatic kind of fragrance although it does not include oceanic notes.

What does Nautica classic smell like?

Nautica Classic smells clean and refreshing giving off a musky and woody aroma.


All these enlisted colognes are proof of our wisdom, dedication, and loyalty towards our clients. The mere rationale behind this guide was to introduce the best smelling Nautica colognes to our customers. Especially to those who haven’t got the know how to choose the right perfume for themselves.

So, go now, grab some Nautica cologne green bottles for yourself. In the final few words, I would just pray for your betterment. Remember, “Money is hard to earn and easy to lose. Guard yours with care.” Have a good day!

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