7 Best Tom Ford Perfume for Women 2021 Expert’s Review

Thomas Carlyle Ford founded his eponymic luxury brand of the best Tom Ford perfume for women in 2006. The look of this brand is Italian-American. Thomas Ford was a famous filmmaker and a fashion designer who worked as a Creative Director in a well-reputed brand called Gucci for 10 years before launching his own.

Tom Ford offers a wide range of jewelry, bags, shoes, fragrances for both men and women, and cosmetics. There is a lot to talk about the brilliance of each product by this luxurious brand, however, we are here to just talk about highly sought-after and most popular women’s Tom Ford perfume.

These cult-adored women’s Tom Ford perfumes are a symbol of class and elegance. People who use this perfume cast a magical spell on people around them. Tom Ford’s enchanting fragrance is guaranteed to get you noticed at every event.

Editor’s Choice: Top Best Tom Ford Perfumes 2021

With each new launch, this brand’s steep upward curve of fame and popularity grows ever steeper.  They continue to produce amazing and bewitching fragrances which make it the most popular brand. 

They also produce some best Tom Ford perfume for men and some colognes to attract females too. Although all perfumes of this brand are timeless, to calm your thirst for “the best,” we have sorted out our three favorite House Ford perfumes.

Tom Ford Black Orchid: Hands down, this is Tom Ford’s best-ever women’s perfume. It has the most pleasing scent that will make you use it for the rest of your life. This classy perfume is a trendsetter. It defines elegance, delicacy, and charm.

Black Orchid is a timeless yet modern creation that miraculously rules the world. Its fragrance is a sensible blend of warm spices and black orchid, black truffle, and black plum. The darkness unleashes its mystical spell, distinguishing it from all other perfumes.

Tom Ford Ombre Leather: Ombre Leather has an inimitable fragrance which makes it another best Tom Ford women’s perfume. If you want constant appreciation and questions about your perfume from people around you, then this is the right choice for you.

Tom Ford’s Ombre Leather is a masterpiece that hugs the floral leather and potent spices closely. The perfect balance of notes give off a distinct aroma that is neither masculine nor feminine, capturing the attention of everyone in the room.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille: Tobacco Vanille is the perfect choice for those who love sweet and fruity fragrances. Tobacco buds mixed with vanilla and rich spices give a kick of vim and vigor. The mesmerizing aroma leaves an impression on people around you in an instant.

If you plan to impress someone, just wear Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. Only two squirts would be enough to spread your magic and immerse yourself in a fairy tale.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose Right Perfume for Yourself

It could be hard to buy something if you have no prior experience. A blind purchase can give your pocket a hard time and something for you to regret over for a lifetime. You can save yourself from frightening experiences if you know what you want.

Our guide can help you in this regard with some helpful tips.

Types of Perfume

You must first determine your preferred scent. Everyone has a different taste towards different fragrances that can change according to mood, season, or skin type. Pick a note that appeals to you.

Floral, spice, oriental, wood, citrus, fruity, and fresh are some of the fragrances that come to mind. These are the fragrance families that you should know about before losing your pocket.

Fragrance Notes

Fragrances are produced by the layering method of notes. Top, heart, and base notes are the three notes that are made up of a variety of fragrances combined to create a distinct aroma. The top note fades away within 10-15 minutes, whereas the heart note lasts the longest on your skin. So, research before buying, to decide which combination you want to wear.


Check for the concentration. Pure perfumes have the highest concentration of fragrance oil that varies between 30-40%. Thus, it lasts longer than all other types of fragrances (typically 8-10 hours that is ideal for any casual occasion or special events).

Expert’s Review: 7 Best Tom Ford Perfume for Women

Black Orchid Tom Ford for Women – Overall Best

Black Orchid Tom Ford for Women

Black Orchid was released in 2006 and it was the masterwork by Givaudan. It is ranked to be the best Tom Ford perfume for ladies. This majestic fragrance is very classy and lavish.

It is a chypre with a perfect blend of black truffle, ylang-ylang, black currant, bergamot, and lemon as top notes and a prominent and accurate quantity of spices, lotus, and jasmine as middle notes. Ambre and sandalwood at the base give off a strong but pleasant fragrance that makes it exceptionally glamourous.

This timeless perfume is the ultimate demand as it enhances sensuality and grace with long-lasting property. This intense yet subtle fragrance is a must-have.

  • A beautiful bottle that defines class and iconic style.
  • Since many men like the scent, it can be used for all genders.
  • Lasts for more than 12 hours.
  • Best to be used in Winter.
  • Very strong fragrance.

Ombre Leather Tom Ford for Women – Most Popular

Ombre Leather Tom Ford for Women

Sonia Constant was the perfumer of Ombre Leather which was launched in 2018. Ombre Leather, with its alluring and enchanting fragrance, has carved out a special place in the hearts of all the ladies, and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon.

Ombre Leather is worth every penny that you might or would spend. It has won the highest rank in the world of all the best perfumes just like the best old spice scent that we have mentioned in an earlier article that elaborates premium brands of deodorant for women and men. Old Spice offers all of its deodorants without aluminum.

Moving back to Ombre Leather, it is such a beauty that every woman craves for. The soft leathery aroma it gives off comes with a mixture of warm spices. Its main accords include leather, jasmine, amber, moss, and patchouli.

  • Unisex.
  • Performance is admirable.
  • Lethal and unique Fragrance.
  • Lasts until you get a shower or wash your clothes out.
  • Hard to find due to high demand in the market.

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford For Women – Amazing Smell

Tobacco Vanille Tom Ford For Women

Launched in 2007, this masterpiece was created by the most famous perfumer Olivier Gillotin. Right after its debut, it raised higher to touch the heights of success. The news about its awesomeness spread like a wildfire and it became essential for everybody. Not just women, but men also started obsessing over it.

This beautiful creation is a seamless balance of all the ingredients. Tobacco Vanille has tobacco leaf and spicy notes as top notes. Tobacco blossom, vanilla, cocoa, and tonka bean come as a middle note while the base is woody.

Tobacco Vanille is an irresistible choice for those who don’t like the feminine side or masculine side of fragrances. It could be the best gift for your lady as it is categorized to be an amazing Tom Ford perfume for her.

  • Silage is astounding.
  • Long-lasting.
  • A small quantity is enough for a whole day.
  • Unisex scent.
  • None.

Noir Pour Femme Tom Ford for Women – One of the Best

Noir Pour Femme was marketed in 2015. Sonia Constant was a real fragrance head behind this perfume. It has an amber-floral aroma that is why it is loved by every lady out there. The floral side of this scent gives a sensual vibe. On the other hand, Amber’s side defines the courageous and bold lady that you are.

A unique set of notes have made it a desirable fragrance. This Tom Ford perfume for women gives off a strong rose, jasmine, and kulfi fragrance at the opening. After a few hours of application, it smells like vanilla and amber.

  • Great fragrance.
  • A strong perfume.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Optimal for cold days.
  • Lasts for a maximum of 5 hours only.

Eau de Soleil Blanc Tom Ford for Women – 20% OFF

Eau de Soleil Blanc Tom Ford for Women

Eau de Soleil Blanc was introduced in 2018 with a crisp citrus aroma. This perfume is entirely drenched with a charismatic floral fragrance. It feels warm enough to give you an illusion of a ray of sunlight reflecting on the water with an erotic backdrop of a beautiful sky.

Our experts are already a fan of this one. They call it the best Tom Ford Fragrance.

Its ingredients are naturally extracted and compiled to form the finest aroma. It has an amber floral tang that gives off a refreshing crisp of citrus at the opening and a coconutty whiff with a hint of tuberose as it settles down.

  • Product for both men and women.
  • Appropriate for daily wear.
  • A must-have in Summer.
  • Performance is amazing.
  • A good quantity in beautiful packaging.
  • None.

Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford for Women – Best Present for Gift

Jasmin Rouge Tom Ford for Women

Jasmin Rouge came into existence in 2011 and odorized our lives with charismatic fragrances. The nose behind this admirable creation is Rodrigo Flores-Roux. It is an amber floral fragrance with a sybaritic and wild mixture of notes from jasmine and clary sage.

Its top notes include cinnamon, ginger, bergamot, cardamom, pepper, and mandarin orange. Whereas middle notes consist of sambac jasmine, ylang-ylang, neroli, broom, and clary sage. Amber, vanilla, leather, and French labdanum serve as base notes.

This classy production by Tom Ford is the best-known perfume and has booked a room in people’s hearts for an unlimited period. People from all around the globe adore this refined and sweet aroma.

  • Apt for ages 16 and above.
  • Powerful silage.
  • Strength is good.
  • Can be used all around the year.
  • Longevity is excellent.
  • Doesn’t last long on all skin types.
  • Expensive.

Santal Blush Tom Ford for Women – Expansive with Lovely Fragrance

Santal Blush Tom Ford for Women

Santal Blush was created by Yann Vasnier in 2011. It is a woody fragrance with a tinge of amber for women. The hypnotic and sensual notes of sandalwood along with extremely spicy notes of warm spices make it worth dying for.

A unique and enchanting aroma that it emits upon opening is a head-turner for all the frag heads. They come drooling over it. It is the best Tom Ford perfume for girl.

It gives off a pleasing fragrance of sandalwood as it dries out. A blend of warm spices, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and rose make it an erotic and cozy fragrance. This is the ultimate obsession of so many college girls.

  • Silage is 10/10.
  • Longevity is 8/10.
  • It has a bit of masculine fragrance that makes it a unisex scent.
  • The fragrance is unique.
  • Projection is good.
  • Overpriced.
  • So many fake copies are available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best smelling Tom Ford perfume?

Black Orchid by Tom Ford is the best smelling Tom Ford perfume

What are the top 10 women’s fragrances?

Following are the top 10 women’s fragrances:

1- Jimmy Choo Signature
2- Tom Ford Black Orchid
3- Jo Malone Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense
4- Calvin Klein Euphoria
5- Diptyque Eau Capitale
6- Montblanc Femme Individuelle
7- Tom Ford Ombre Leather
8- Vera Wang Princess
9- Tom Ford Velvet Orchid
10- Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

What’s the best selling women’s perfume?

Tom Ford Black Orchid is the best-selling women’s perfume as it is the most popular Tom Ford perfume.

How can you tell if Tom Ford perfume is real?

Before buying always remember to check the manufacturer’s website. If the product information provided on the website matches the one on the packaging, then it’s real.

Also, look for the golden circle. The arrow towards the right should always be darker than the left one.

What perfumes do celebrities wear?

Most of the celebrities adore perfume by Tom Ford like Kris Jenner, Trey Songz, Wale, Dacre Montgomery, Eddie Redmayne, Gillan Zinser, Mary-Kate Olsen, Michael Jackson, and many more.


I along with the expert team conclude that the Tom Ford best perfumes we reviewed are fabulous. When it comes to class and style, Tom Ford is unrivaled.

This list of best Tom Ford perfume for women is generous and extremely honest guidance to choose the right perfume for you. You can choose any type according to your taste. So, go, buy the best one, and feel more confident, attractive, and brighter. Hope this journey will make you fall in love with yourself.

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