How to Apply Cologne Without Spray – Tips and Tricks 2021

Colognes are supposed to have spray nozzles like Dolce and Gabbana‘s. A bottle with a spray is a perfect image that we get when we plan to buy cologne.

Unfortunately, some colognes and perfumes with wonderful fragrances come in non-spray perfume bottles. As a result, fragrance lovers like me get too emotional and buy it in an instant, knowing the fact that this perfume bottle won’t spray, ever!

I know it hurts when you love the fragrance but it is hard and messy to use. Also, because you paid too much for this fantastic and expensive product, I won’t like to make you feel down. This guide contains some interesting tidbits based on my own personal experience to help you save time, money, and mythic cologne.

Why Do Some Colognes Lack Spray Nozzles?

For some of us, not having a spray nozzle is inconvenient, but for many people with respiratory disorders, it is very convenient and standard. People with severe respiratory distress cannot stand tiny droplets coming out of the cologne spray bottle which can go to their respiratory system and affect their sensitive lungs.

Given the gravity of the situation, designers had to work beyond the box and create colognes without spray nozzles. Colognes without spray nozzle don’t make the quality of fragrance any less than the other colognes because the ingredients contain the same amount of fragrance oil.

So, people who used to avoid colognes just because of their weakness can also now enjoy the awesomeness of putting on colognes without any health risk.

Another advantage is that nozzle-less colognes keep your costly dresses free of unsightly stains. Hence, saving your valuable time that you could waste in taking out that stubborn stain out of clothes.

Know Your Pulse Points

To know what is the correct way to apply cologne, you need to know your pulse points. Pulse points are locations on your body where you can sense the beat of your heart. Experts have proved that the best area to apply your cologne is your pulse point.

These points increase the efficiency of your cologne. Thus, bottles without spray nozzles give us a targeted area to apply cologne directly without tiny droplets spreading all over the place.

Following are the pulse points in our body:

  • The wrists
  • Behind the ears
  • The neck
  • The insides of the elbow
  • Back of the knees

How to Apply Non Spray Cologne

Applying cologne is a tricky task especially when there is no spray nozzle. We have suggested the proper way to put on cologne that lacks a spray nozzle.

Finger Dab Method

The finger dabbing method is the easiest method to apply cologne most efficiently. You can protect the cologne from spilling out from the spout of the cologne bottle. Thus, one small dab would be sufficient for a long day. This is how to do it:

  • Remove the cap of a cologne
  • Cover it with two of your fingers
  • Tip it and then put it down
  • Gently tap the cologne on the pulse points according to your preference

Wrist Dab Method

This method is best for people with sensitive hands. Those, whose fingers cannot tolerate the chemicals of colognes can use the wrist dab method. This is how you do it.

  • Uncap the bottle
  • Cover the spout of your cologne with your inner wrist
  • Tip it twice or thrice
  • Nab both wrists together and do not rub
  • Then you can pat the wrists behind your ears or on your neck

Hair Stick Method

This is another method for those who cannot tolerate harsh colognes. Some colognes have aluminum in it that causes a rash in sensitive areas. We suggest using a hair stick to prevent this.

We’ve already covered all of the important precautions for people with sensitive skin in our previous articles. If you can’t wear cologne, there are some best deodorant for sensitive skin on the market. Deodorant without aluminum contains all the essential oils. Most women have delicate skin, which is why we created a deodorant for women that has all of the skin benefits.

This is how you can apply a cologne using a hair stick:

  • Dip a hair stick that is at least 10 inches long in a cologne bottle
  • Let it soak in for 1-2 mins
  • Swipe it over your pulse points

Don’ts for Using a Cologne without Spray Nozzle

Some people, especially young souls, love the magically-smelling colognes for youngs and ignore the fact that few of them don’t come with nozzles. They buy those colognes for the sake of their hobby and an irresistible urge to try new products, but they later regret it because they have no idea how to use cologne without spray.

Here are the few things that you should never do while using a cologne:


Rubbing increases the volatile property of cologne so it is recommended to never rub. You can just nab the cologne that will increase the absorption into your skin and will conserve your cologne. It will also make it stay longer because of the deep retention in the skin.

Using a Cotton Ball

Cotton will absorb most of the product in it and you will get a 20% of it only. Therefore, never use any fabric or cotton while applying a cologne.

Using Palms

Using your palm will always cause over application so never use your palms. Use your fingertips instead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best places to apply cologne?

Your pulse points are the best places for an efficient application.

Where are you supposed to spray cologne?

The warmest areas of men’s bodies are the best areas to spray cologne.

Does a cologne attract females?

A cologne can attract an opposite gender. We have discussed it earlier in our article in best Dolce and Gabbana colognes which produce colognes to attract females.


I have enlisted all the dos and don’ts in this post. Now, it’s up to you to choose the right perfume for yourself and apply it skillfully. I guided you about how to apply a cologne without spray and we assume that you are skilled now. Dab your cologne and enjoy it. Hope you have a good day!

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