9 Tips on How to Choose the Right Perfume for your Body Chemistry

Do you want to know how to choose the right perfume for your body chemistry? Have you ever found an issue to pick the best perfume which goes following your body chemistry?

Well if you are shopping out for perfume for the first time then probably picking the best fragrance will be a real issue for you. But there is no need to take the stress anymore because right here we have compiled a few major guidelines to help you a bit in a perfect perfume selection for your body chemistry!

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Let’s check out below!

Tip No 1: Choose the Preferred Perfume Type

Fragrances can be grouped into 4 main groups depending on their notes and a range of subcategories in between. The top ones are Floral, Oriental, Woody, and New. One form in which this is classified is by the Scent Wheel. A man named Michael Edwards developed one of the most commonly used Scent Wheels in 1983, beginning with only the main categories, which has grown into what you’ll see below.

How to Choose the Right Perfume for your Body Chemistry
Image Credit: Michael Edwards
  • Floral

These fragrances are described as smooth, powdery, sweet, creamy, light musk. They also have small flowers, aldehydes, vanilla, musks.

  • Fresh

Usually consist of citrusy scents like lime, lemon, orange, or the scent of water or the ocean breeze. They are extremely fresh sorts of perfumes.

  • Oriental

These fragrances are rich, warm, spicy, exotic, and sensual-usually ideal for cool/cold weather. Often with resins, amber, and other heavy notes.

  • Fruity

The perfume is all about the smell of fruits. A little bit of sweetness, bright, and can additionally be refreshing.

  • Spicy

Think of perfumes that smell of special spices or herbs like cinnamon, famous person anise, and rosemary.

  • Sweet

A little bit one-of-a-kind than fruity. These are your sugary, candy, caramel, vanilla sort of candy fragrances.

  • Woody

This type of fragrance has a woody and earthy scent. It is best for outdoor use. May include scents like sandalwood, oakmoss, and amber.

  • Aromatic

These scents are clean, fresh, and easy to smell. They also produce notes of lavender, basil, orange, sweet spices, and oriental wood.

  • Citrus

Abundant in the field of fragrances, these fragrances contain popular citric notes of ginger, lemongrass, lime, grapefruit, and mandarin. They are also brittle, tangy, tart, and tidy. Men’s fragrances are typically combined with other aromatic, citrus notes, and women’s fragrances are usually paired with florals.

  • Water

Often recognized as marine or ozone. The Marine/Water Notices were produced only in 1990. They catch the fragrance of the soft wind of the sea, the air of the thunderstorm, and the freshness of the waterfall. They also have influential notes of water and other notes that create a sense of water.

  • Green

If you like the scent of new air, this family is for you. These fragrances produce popular green notes, such as grass, mint, basil, and other leaves.

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Tip NO 2: Skin Type

First and foremost, the most important thing that determines how the scent smells on you is your sort of skin. “There’s a basic rule of thumb to follow: is your skin dry or oily? The more oily your skin is, the less fragrance you need to get a touch, the longer the perfume will last.

Tip NO 3: PH

We also have a natural skin pH. Broadly speaking, whether the skin’s pH is out of steam, it won’t retain as much of the smell as it can when it’s rebalanced. Your skin is preferably even quite acidic. If your skin is dry, moisturize well before you look for chemistry.” Moisture seems to be the secret to making the perfume stay and work as expected.

Tip No 4: For what event is the perfume for?

Subtle fragrances like floral or sparkling fragrances are greater appropriate for the workplace environment. If you work outdoors, more suitable sparkling fragrances would be best.

Sweet, romantic, or heat fragrances are extra appropriate for the date night time fragrances. Try to stay away from sparkling fragrances for close encounters because it can give the other person a strong feeling of smell.

Tip No 5: Weather and Time of Day

Temperature can both affect perfumes properly or horrifically. A candy fragrance below the warm sun can get sickening because the warmth will increase it.

For cooler climates like nighttime or a wet day, it is higher to put on something sweeter and hotter as the scent remains close to your pores and skin not like sparkling fragrances. Softer floral fragrances can be versatile and can be worn anytime.

Tip No 6: What is your personality?

Different scents will supply off distinctive impressions. If you are the attractive and seductive type, then fruity and candy fragrances will shape you best.

Floral scents like roses are for the romantics. Fresh fragrances are the ones which are full of life type. As for the masculine guys, try to look for woody fragrances with a combination of freshness. Fresh spicy is best for professional men.

Tip No 7: Suits your Age

In general, fruity and candy scents supply off youthful vibes. They are more famous for their youthful audience. There are no specific scents for the working-age group. But still for this group is generally having extra well-known fashion designer manufacturers due to the fact of the effect of the brands.

To provide an extra mature vibe, go past fruity and candy fragrances such as amber, jasmine, and woody scents.

Tip No 8: Take Recommendations from others

Ask friends or households what they are sporting that you like or what they recommend. Check out what different people are announcing in the fragrance neighborhood such as Fragrantica. But take it with a single grain of salt as opinions are biased and primarily based on the person’s precise situation.

Tip No 9: Let’s Just Test

These guidelines will help you a lot however there is no best way to decide on the right fragrances for you. The high-quality way is to preserve trying out them till you discover that ideal one.

The most necessary factor is your fragrance experience. You can check out different sites of perfumes and scents which offer perfumes in different scent types.


So without wasting any single minute, follow the guidelines which we shared above for you, and look for the best perfume right now! Pick the one which will help you to grab the attention of others.

All the Best!

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