How to Open Perfume Bottle? Is It Easy to Remove Spray Top?

If you choose to take your favorite fragrance or cologne with you when traveling, use metal, glass, or plastic fragrance travel bottles. If you are using a steel atomizer, line the atomizer up with the spray nozzle of your essential perfume, and pump it full of perfume.

If you are using a plastic atomizer, you can truly spray the fragrance into the bottle. You can additionally use a small funnel to fill from splash fragrance bottles. With any option, you can without difficulty get an idea of how to open perfume bottle with the help of two methods we shared for you below!

Opening a bottle of perfume that is sealed is not as difficult as it would seem at first glance. Many bottles are covered with a metal or plastic layer, but you’ll also find those that aren’t sealed at all, and they come with only a nozzle.

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Method 1: Refilling a Metal Travel Bottle from a Perfume Atomizer

Step No 1:

Take off the cap and sprayer of your important fragrance bottle. The cap is typically a plastic or glass attachment to defending the sprayer. The sprayer is the piece on the pinnacle that you press down to launch a perfume.

To put off the cap from your most important bottle, in reality, rise up on the cap and locate the cap to the side. Then, gently pull off the sprayer with your fingers. The short, vertical nozzle will remain.

In this way, you can get the fragrance from the principal bottle into your travel bottle.

Step No 2:

Pull off the metallic casing of your journey fragrance bottle. Most steel fragrance journey bottles come with an outdoor casing to shield the inside unit.

Hold the backside of the casing between your index finger and thumb, and slide it off. It is less complicated to fill up your tour bottle if you do away with the outer casing. Once you get rid of the casing, you will see a small plastic tank to residence the perfume.

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Step No 3:

Place the backside of your travel bottle on top of the spray nozzle. At the backside of the plastic unit is a small crimson dot. Align the purple dot with the nozzle on your predominant fragrance bottle.

If you did no longer take the metallic casing off, that’s okay. Simply line up the backside stop of the tour fragrance bottle with the nozzle on the most important bottle. You can nonetheless fill the atomizer with the casing on.

Step No 4:

Lift up and down on the fragrance travel bottle to pump it full of perfume. Once the purple dot or backside of the bottle is aligned with the nozzle, gently press down on the travel bottle! This releases fragrance into the unit so you can pump the atomizer full of perfume.

Continue lifting up and down countless instances till your journey fragrance bottle is full. When you do this, you are surely filling the travel bottle like how you normally press down on the sprayer to observe perfume.

Look at the side of the bottle without difficulty watch the fragrance fill up, whether or not or not you eliminated the metallic casing. When full, the travel fragrance bottle holds 50 full sprays or 0.13 oz (3.9 mL).

Step No 5:

Replace the casing of the travel bottle and the sprayer and cap of the predominant bottle. Once the travel bottle is full, take the bottle off of the most important fragrance bottle, and put the steel casing lower back in place. Then, location the sprayer and cap returned onto the major fragrance bottle.

When you put the sprayer lower back on, it will spray out a bit of perfume. Point the bottle towards a sink so it doesn’t spray into your eyes.

Method 2: Filling Plastic Travel Bottles from Metal Perfume Atomizers

Step No:1

If you have a plastic perfume atomizer, just lift the outer plastic cap off. Then remove the plastic sprayer from the top. 

Sit on the side of the cap and spray until the container is filled.

Step No:2

Uncap the perfume bottle, and place the main perfume bottle right above the travel bottle, so it almost touches it. 

This way, the perfume sprays straight into the plastic travel bottle.

Step No:3

Simply press down the key perfume bottle sprayer several times before the travel bottle is filled. Leave about 1⁄4 in (0.64 cm) of space at the top so you can conveniently replace the sprayer.

Step No:4

When your travel bottle is loaded, put the plastic sprayer back on top of it. Twist it clockwise to bring the sprayer in place. And placed the cap on the travel bottle. In addition, replace the cap on the central bottle of perfume.

Method 3: Refilling Glass or Plastic Travel Bottles from Splash Bottles

Step No:1

Both the key perfume and the travel bottle are sealed with a lid. Gently take the cap off both of them. Then, turn the sprayer off the glass or plastic travel container. This way, you can safely refill a bottle of perfume.

  • Splash perfume is used by pouring a little dab of perfume or cologne onto the collar or hand, instead of spraying it into the air. 
  • If your travel bottle arrives with a decorative metal case, just slip it off so that you can see how much perfume there is in the travel bottle.
  • This approach would not work with metal perfume atomizers.

Step No:2

Step No:3

  • Only pour the perfume gently into the funnel while refilling from a splash bottle. Start slowly to prevent the funnel from overflowing.
  • If using a spray perfume bottle, place the tip of the applicator over the funnel and click the sprayer twice until the travel bottle is finished.

Step No:4

  • When the travel bottle is full, bring the sprayer back in place and put the cap on top of it. Then, slip the travel bottle into the case if it comes with 1. 
  • In addition, replace the cap on the perfume bottle of your splash.


Well, the steps which we discussed right above for you are so simple and easy to carry out in order to open your perfume bottle without any hassle. You don’t need to take help from any tools or techniques against the perfume bottle opening. We have already helped you a lot by sharing a quick and simple tutorial.

So follow our steps now and make it possible for you! All the Best!

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