Top 2 Methods on How to Refill Perfume Bottle During Travel

Do you want to know how to refill perfume bottle? Are you looking forward to using your old empty perfume bottle and have it refilled with a fresh fragrance perfume?

If you prefer to take your favorite fragrance or cologne with you when traveling, use metal, glass, or plastic fragrance tour bottles. If the use of a metallic atomizer, line the atomizer up with the spray nozzle of your major perfume and pump it full of perfume.

You can additionally use a small funnel to fill from splash fragrance bottles. With any option, you can effortlessly fill your fragrance travel bottle! Let’s guide you with two basic methods over the refilling of fragrance or open perfume bottle:

Method No 1: Refilling a Metal Travel Bottle from a Perfume Atomizer

  • Take off the cap and sprayer of your principal fragrance bottle. The cap is commonly a plastic or glass attachment to shield the sprayer. The sprayer is the piece on the top that you press down to launch a perfume.
  • To take away the cap from your primary bottle, really carry up on the cap and vicinity the cap to the side. Then, gently pull off the sprayer with your fingers. The short, vertical nozzle will remain. This way, you can get the fragrance from the predominant bottle into your tour bottle.
  • Pull off the steel casing of your tour fragrance bottle. Most steel fragrance tour bottles come with an outdoor casing to defend the inner unit. Hold the backside of the casing between your index finger and thumb, and slide it off. It is less difficult to fill up your tour bottle if you cast off the outer casing. Once you do away with the casing, you will see a small plastic tank to residence the perfume.
  • Place the backside of your tour bottle on top of the spray nozzle. At the bottom of the plastic unit is a small crimson dot. Align the pink dot with the nozzle on your important fragrance bottle.
  • If you did no longer take the metallic casing off, that’s okay. Simply line up the backside end of the journey fragrance bottle with the nozzle on the most important bottle. You can nonetheless fill the atomizer with the casing on.
  • Lift up and down on the fragrance tour bottle to pump it full of perfume. Once the pink dot or backside of the bottle is aligned with the nozzle, gently press down on the travel bottle! This releases fragrance into the unit so you can pump the atomizer full of perfume. Continue lifting up and down various instances until your tour fragrance bottle is full.
  • When you do this, you are in truth filling the travel bottle like how you normally press down on the sprayer to observe perfume. When full, the fragrance bottle holds 50 full sprays or 0.13 oz. (3.9 mL).
  • Replace the casing of the cheap perfume for ladies and the sprayer and cap of the major bottle. Once the travel bottle is full, take the bottle off of the fundamental fragrance bottle, and put the steel casing back in place. Then, locate the sprayer and cap lower back onto the foremost fragrance bottle.
  • When you put the sprayer back on, it will spray out a bit of perfume. Point the bottle towards a sink so it doesn’t spray into your eyes.

Method No 2:  Filling Plastic Travel Bottles from Metal Perfume Atomizers

  • Remove the plastic cap and sprayer from your journey fragrance bottle. If you have a plastic fragrance atomizer, sincerely raise off the plastic cap from the outside. Then, unscrew the plastic sprayer from the top.
  • Hold the sprayer of the most important bottle up to the pinnacle of the tour bottle. Uncap the best female perfume in the world bottle, and keep the major fragrance bottle at once above the tour bottle so it nearly touches. This way, the fragrance sprays immediately into the plastic tour bottle.
  • Press down on the sprayer over and over to fill up your tour bottle. Simply push down on the sprayer of the predominant fragrance bottle for more than one instance until the travel bottle is stuffed up. Leave round 1⁄4 in (0.64 cm) of the house at the top so you can effortlessly exchange the sprayer.
  • Screw the sprayer into place. Once your tour bottle is full, put the plastic sprayer lower back on top. Twist it clockwise to tighten the sprayer into place. Then, put the cap onto the bottle.

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